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    Las Vegas shooting. And they let her walk off just like that?

    "Right now, we believe it's a sole actor, a lone-wolf-type actor," said Lombardo, adding that a motive for the shooting had yet to be determined. The sheriff also said police had questioned a "person of interest," Marilou Danley, the suspect's roommate, and determined she was not involved in the shooting. Later, Lombardo said Danley is out of the country and that authorities would speak further with her when she returned to the U.S. A person connected to her said she is in the Philippines.


    From other articles she was living with him. She quarreled with some people among the crowd during the concert. He opened fire from their room, 32nd floor.


    All this time in the hotel with ten guns in the room and she didn't know a thing about them.  Yeah, right....  (If she knew that would make her an accomplice)


    Maybe she could sleaze off from being charged as an accomplice but to say she had no idea what his motives were, would you believe that?  I wouldn't.


    She was the key to the whole thing yet the police let her walked off just like that.

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