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  • Lindsayn

    Considering moving to Shanhai

    I am Asian European and considering to settle in China in not that near future. Media and recent news tell the life in China is of total difference from what generic opinions are. However, all my friends and relatives are trying to discourage me from this idea.

    I am attracted by the vibrancy of Shanghai. Feels like it's a city of wast opportunities and diverse culture. And mostly, the life is unconventional if it's a right word. As I see it's free from excess fake politeness and pseudo ethical correctness, people are just being who they are. Of course I feel myself a little biased as probably my Asian origins are dragging me back to the origins ahaha

    Most of all I am wondering about the social acceptance. How difficult is it for an expat to integrate into local life? Or whether there is a high chance of me finding myself In a microworld of expatriates. And how people treat and greet Asian foreigners there in general?

    2 weeks agoin Lifestyle-Shanghai
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  • chinaexpat8813
    shanghai is a very modern city, i believe you will love her!
    12 minutes ago
  • yasminasnow
    Shanghai is a glamorous city, you're gonna like it.
    5 days ago
  • Boris2
    Shanghai is a popular city, many opportunity
    6 days ago

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