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  • Davidn

    Can I find a ESL teaching job here?

    I am seeking a teaching position china.I am  an engilsh  teacher with 3years experience 
    I want find a job which can improve myself 
    and I like children very much 
    if you are interested me 

    contact me 

    11 months agoin Business & Jobs-All
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  • beiletraining 123
    Hi Please contact me for ESL teaching job in Beijing and shanghai, wechat gyjmolly19
    Whatsapp:+86 15801050156 ,skype:live:1e93893cc9d6f4a
    6 months ago
  • Ponzoni

    Hello Davi,

    I am Vanessa from MIE. I am based in New Zealand with a branch in Wuhan.
    Please send me your cv, I can try to help you.

    9 months ago
  • Digi

    hello where are you from?

    11 months ago

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