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  • Ethanm

    Part time jobs with an x-1 visa?

    Hi, i have read that if I have an x1 visa I could get a permit with the university to get a part-time job or an internship. If Im studying chinese , could I get a job teaching english? I couldnt find much information about how that permit works



    4 months agoin Teaching & Leaming-All
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  • Babcock

    The last I saw - and this will depend very much on how each city implements things, and how up to speed your university is - the only way to work on a student visa is if it's relevant to your degree and the university and PSB all agree.

    There's a lot of unofficial English teaching going on. Working for a school is probably riskier (more likely to get caught if the PSB pop in to check on things) but some low-key private English lessons... I'd not be too worried.

    4 months ago

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