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  • souldrumdj

    What is the difference between Chinese food and Western food?

    What is the difference between Chinese food and Western food?
    3 months agoin Business & Jobs-Beijing
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  • LoveyouM
    The Chinese pay great attention to the form, paying attention to "color, fragrance, taste", so in Chinese cuisine, the style of the dishes is ever-changing, and each dish is very particular about the color and fragrance. Europeans are very practical, and they never have to work on the changes in the color of the dishes. They pay more attention to their nutritional mix and protection, and pay attention to the inherent quality of the dishes. This is the main difference between Chinese and Western food. The Chinese eat a lot of dishes every time, but they all grow very thin. Westerners have very few dishes every time, but they all know each other better than the Chinese.
    Look at the difference in tableware: cutlery and chopsticks, not only bring differences in eating habits, but also affect the concept of life in the East and West. The knife and fork will inevitably bring a system of food, and the chopsticks will definitely match the family members sitting around the table. The West began to eat it, which led to the idea and habit of Westerners who were independent and who grew up and succumbed to the world. The combination of chopsticks highlights the family unit where the young and the old sit together, so that the Orientals have a stronger family view.
    3 months ago

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