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English Teacher Wanted

Education/Teaching | Part-time | Chongqing | Posted by:wellenglish     Apr 14 18:22
Email:9830*********    Tel:1522*********     Working City:Chongqing   Hits:
  • 招聘职位:ESL Teacher in Chongqinng
  • 工作地区:Chongqing / Yubei
  • 职位类别:Education / Training / Primary
Job Description
1. Teaching Oral English courses to students
2. Attending various kinds of activities hold by company and school
3. Complete the teaching plans in accordance with the requirements

Please feel free to provide your talants for the offer,if it is recommended successfully, You will get a certain number of bounty from 2000 to 20000 RMB ! Each of the recommended steps has records in your registered email and membership center. If you prepay 10000 RMB as a deposit, we will return 20000 RMB after your 10 successful talent recommendation,if you prepay 20000 RMB as a deposit, we will return 40000 RMB after your 20 successful talent recommendation.

I have the talent to provide

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