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Digital Marketing Intern

MarketingCommunications | Internship | Chengdu | Posted by:IObit     May 06 10:41      share
Email:aobi*********    Tel:028-*********     Working City:Chengdu   Hits:

Job Description for Interns: 

- Optimizing the official website content to driver better localization. 

- Translating product related content, including product release and product update information, in the established deadlines. 

- Conducting local market research to glean relevant insights on the local market related to your specific language. 

- Providing marketing and language related support to other team members. 

- Working collaboratively and keeping an open line of communication with fellow staff members. 

Basic Qualifications: 

- Native speaker in Germany/French/Italian/Japanese/Swedish. 

- Familiar with local culture and local marketing. 

- Sufficient fluency in English, both written and verbal. 

- Strong interests in digital marketing. 

- Marketing major related is preferred. 

- Working knowledge of HTML, XML, and Excel is preferred. 


- Allowance is provided depends on interview result, time of internship. 

- Basically training of digital marketing. 

- Experience of work in a marketing team if you love to engaged in this career. 

- Assistance of applying visa and opportunity of becoming formal employee in the company.

A reward of 8000 below RMB will be offered for successful referrals !

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