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Start a teaching career at the biggest city in China - up to 29,000 RMB + Free f

Education/Teaching | Full-time | Zhengzhou | Posted by:Katy Smith     Jan 10 17:18      share
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If you want a modern, big city experience with just a bit of traditional culture and even some international cultures, then Shanghai is one of the biggest cities for you to live and work in China.

We are looking for 3 ESL teachers to start working from March 2019 in Shanghai. If you come from Native Speaker Countries and have Bachelor Degree at least, you are most welcome to join our school.

What make Shanghai the best destination to start your teaching career?

❖     Sitting on the middle region of China’s eastern coast, Shanghai is the country’s largest and wealthiest city. The megacity is also a prominent global financial center and a crucial transport hub, particularly in the Asian region.

❖     The city is a blend of Western and Eastern cultures, thanks to its colonial legacy that combines various aspects of the two cultures. The city is also a globally famous travel destination, boasting classic gardens, historic museums and buildings, tranquil water towers and tall skyscrapers.

❖     Moving to Shanghai and living there can be a truly fascinating experience for visitors and expats seeking to live in a modern city, yet experience a whole new culture.

What is our generous offer?

❖     Your basic salary will be 22,000 RMB - 26,000 RMB per month.

❖     Your monthly salary could be up to 25,000 to 30,000 RMB by doing extra hours and demo lesson.

❖     Besides salary, you can also receive a lot of benefits:

➔     Flight ticket to China

➔     4,000 RMB for TEFL reimbursement.
(For candidates who are not holding any teaching certificate, we provide a free TEFL course)

➔     9,500 RMB for relocation bonus.

➔     Sponsored Work visa and full support during the visa application procedure.

➔     Health insurance provided.

About us

❖     Founded in 2009, First Leap English is a business unit of TAL (Tomorrow Advancing Life) Education Group (NYSE: TAL) and was created to provide much needed quality afterschool English training for children aged 2 – 15 years old in a fun, motivating, and entirely English speaking environment.

❖     The company is flourishing and expanding across China, with over 30,000 students, and is recognized as a top 3 brand in the Chinese education industry.

What the teaching experience looks like?

❖     You will be teaching students from 3 to 12 years old.

❖     In total, you will have 32 working hours ( 16 teaching hours, 16 office hours).

❖     You can enjoy 2 days off a week ( Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday, Thursday).

❖     You will be teaching 10 - 14 students in your class.

❖     There is always a bilingual teaching assistant in your class.

❖     All of the teaching curriculum is provided by the school.

For candidates!!

If you are interested in the position, please don’t hesitate to send your CV and qualification to our HR team.

Please feel free to offer a person for the position,if it is recommended successfully, You will get a certain number of bounty from 2000 to 20000 RMB ! Each of the offering steps has records in your registered email and membership center.

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