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Non Native English Teacher

Education/Teaching | Full-time | Overseas | Posted by:Ramirez     Feb 09 08:09 share    Tel:639176219537     Working City:All   Hits:
I have a Bachelor’s degree in Secondary Education Major in English with courses that focused on preparation and classroom management. I have completed a supervised teaching program to gain experience in the classroom. When I was in 4th year college, we were given an opportunity to observe and teach for a couple of months to Japanese and Korean students as our school caters international students to learn English too. I also passed the Licensure Examination for Teachers here in the Philippines last 2012. I have 1 academic year experience teaching Secondary Students and almost 5 years work experience as Documentation Specialist which gave me an opportunity to teach IELTS. I have the knowledge to create lesson plans that teaches students the proper usage of the English language, literature, grammar, spelling and writing techniques. I can say that I am also creative as I was involved in the different academic and social activities of the school. I believe that my experience will be beneficial to teaching position in your language center or school.
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