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Indian in Guangzhou is looking for ESLjob there

Education/Teaching | Full-time | Guangzhou | Posted by:RawatA     May 13 17:31 share    Tel:18813221547     Working City:Guangzhou   Hits:
Time Period: 2014/06 - 2018/07
Occupation: Human Resources
Company Name:Yashi Consulting Services Pvt. Ltd.
Work Experience
Accountant :-

• Managing the basic accounting of all of the company’s transactions.
• Banking Work (online transfer, bank loan and etc.)
• Inventory (In tally), Making Invoice
• Managing the basic book-keeping work
• Cash handling
• All types of voucher making
• Maintaining the status of funds
• Maintaining records of payment information
• Monitoring the company’s expenses.
• Performing basic tax related duties.
• Monitoring staff payroll.
• Maintaining the records of budgets and expenses.
• Responsible for invoice settlement.
• Training the junior accounting clerks.

HR Manager :-

• Handling payroll
• Appointment scheduling
• Developing the HR plans and policies in conjunction with the company’s over all development plan.
• Overall responsibility of man power planning and recruitments.
• Developing the induction programmes for the new recruits.
• Working out the compensation plan and policies.
• Establishing a proper organizational structure.
• Developing and implementing disciplinary policies.
• Developing and implementing employee welfare policies.
• Developing the exit process for the employees.
• Dealing with the final settlement of employees when they leave.
• Maintaining good internal communication within the company
• Developing various reports for management which make it easy to make decisions regarding the current resources. 
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