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Math teacher and Visual Arts and Drama Teacher/Native English teacher/Internatio

Education/Teaching | Full-time | Chengdu | Posted by:chinaexpat8801     Jun 24 17:57      share    Tel:13971047570     Working City:Chengdu   Hits:

Math teacher and Visual Arts and Drama Teacher/Native English teacher/International high school/Chengdu


Can Start in September

Native English speakers only

Bachelor degree or above

Having more than 2 years teaching experience in Public schools or international schools

Having TESOL or TEFL


No more than 25 classes/week,Fixed office hours

2 days off in Weekend

Students are above 3-12 years old

Teaching math (Algebra 1&2) to Grade 9 to 12 in AP program(s); 
Providing the best possible teaching and learning environment for the students; 
Facilitating the attainment of each student’s full potential and developing non-academic as well as academic skills via the teaching of the subject.
Position2Visual Arts/Drama Teacher
Teaching visual arts,drama and part of oral English to Grade 9 to 12 in AP program(s); 
Teaching classes of about 20 students in the context of an integrated curriculum; Increasing the skills set of high school students to further understand performing arts concepts; 
Participating fully in the demanding and rich life of the school, particularly in preparation for school events and extra-curricular activities; 
Keeping careful anecdotal and assessment records and using them to write accurate, comprehensive reports; 
Providing additional support at school promotional activities.

Salary and Benefits:

15K-25K RMB/M

Accommodation or 3K-4K RMB/M of the housing subsidy provided

Setting-in allowance is 2K RMB

Luggage allowance is 2K RMB

Flight allowance provided after contract fulfillment

Insurance provided

Z-visa provided

Documents needed

-Resume and recent photos

-Teaching certificate

-Bachelor degree or above certificate

-Photocopy of your first page of passport

-Photocopy of your visa if you have

How to apply

If you are interested,please don’t hesitate to email your CV,photos and documents to Mily

Please feel free to offer a person for the position,if it is recommended successfully, You will get a certain number of bounty from 2000 to 20000 RMB ! Each of the offering steps has records in your registered email and membership center.

Offer a person for the position

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