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Kindergarten teacher

Education/Teaching | | Nantong | Posted by:NTLY20190901     Aug 01 13:29      share
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Job Description
Kindergarten home - room teachers / ESL Teachers
- Working Hours : 5 hours/day
- Working Days : Monday to Friday
1. Job Description
Act the role of a home room teacher, stay with one group of students for all day or teach different groups of students English. Teach basic skills including letters, numbers, elemental natural and social science, music, art, literature, behavioral skills, etc.
2. Requirements 
- Bachelor Degree or above (degrees in early childhood education, education preferred)
- Native Speaker of English; TESOL/TEFL or 2 years teaching experience required.

3. Salary and benefits
- 13,000 ~ 25,000 RMB/month (before tax)
- Lunch Provided during Working Days
- Bonus Classes during Summer Holiday / Winter Holiday
- Visa and Working Permit provided
- All public holidays that fall within the contract are paid for.
-There is a three-month holiday every year
-Air tickets can be reimbursed
-Enjoy traditional Chinese holidays and benefits

A reward of 10000~20000 RMB will be offered for successful referrals !

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