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Foreign English teacher

Education/Teaching | Full-time | Overseas | Posted by:rambabu     Aug 13 17:56 share    Tel:15038287848     Working City:Zhengzhou   Hits:

I was excited to find your posting for an English as a Second Language teacher with English Learning Center . Upon researching your school, I strongly identified with its mission of cross-cultural communication and global citizenship. I am confident that I would make an excellent addition to your teaching team because of my passion for helping students, my teaching and cultural experiences, and my TESOL qualifications.


I taught ESL to beginner, intermediate, and advanced students of various cultural and linguistic backgrounds in Kindergarten , primary & training school for four year. Before stepping into this role, I earned my TESOL certification after completing an on-site 120-hour course. Through my teaching experiences and TESOL studies, I developed critical pedagogic and classroom management skills, along with a passion for teaching English.

I\’m equipped with the Communicative Teaching Method, a philosophy that I’m excited to see you use at English Learning Center. I apply this method in the classroom through different games , interactive, student-centered activities that maximize “student talk time.” I scaffold my lessons so that they include pair and group work, as well as movement around the classroom. By engaging students in speaking, grammar, writing, listening, and reading and appealing to diverse learning styles, I help them improve their accuracy and fluency across key skill areas.

After living in china, I understand both the excitement and the challenges that accompany learning a new language and living abroad. In my classes, I typically set aside five to ten minutes at the start of each class for students to share their “highs” and “lows” for the week, a ritual that my students have appreciated as they adapted to new surroundings. I aim to support students’ social-emotional well-being as they learn English and deepen their global awareness.

I look forward to speaking with you to discuss your specific needs at English Language Center and my ability to meet them. I\’d be thrilled to join a team of globally-minded educators dedicated to high-quality language instruction. Thank you very much for your consideration. 



Ram Babu

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