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Looking For An ESL Teacher Job In China

Education/Teaching | Full-time | All | Posted by:Espartinez     Oct 17 14:09 share    Tel:+639303265758     Working City:All   Hits:

To whom it may concern,

I`m Espartinez, a young ESL Teacher with 24 yrs old from Philippine.

I major in English,I have been an Online English as a Second Language teacher for more than 2 years, primarily in a one-on-one online class, teaching Chinese learners aged 3 to 20. I have obtained my TESOL and TEFL certification recently. 

My awards include top 5 teachers who use TPR (Total Physical Response) for three consecutive weeks. I am also awarded ‘Perfect Attendance’, awarded to a teacher

who completed the whole month without late and absences.

I will consider jobs only which school can handle work permit for me, thank you.

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