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Music Teachers for August 2020- Hangzhou

Education/Teaching | Full-time | Hangzhou | Posted by:Recruitor Laura     Jan 19 16:00      share
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Music Teachers for August 2020- Hangzhou:
We are looking for
Classical and Contemporary Music, Music Technology Graduates,Performing Arts Graduates or current Music tutors with a background of teaching in any capacity for a minimum of two years.
Candidates with energy, enthusiasm, inventiveness, flexibility with lesson plans, positivity, humour, ability to teach the students amazing skills that are going to equip them for a life in or out of the arts environment.
Experience teaching
Experience working with groups of children
Main Responsibilities
- Maximum of 25 hours teaching per week
- Carry out teaching related responsibilities including, but not limited to lesson planning and delivery of lessons
- Assessment of students’ language ability and development
- Conduct Demonstration classes, conversation clubs, tutorials, seminars and presentations
- Participate in various cultural exchange programme activities
What you will be provided with
- Return Flight Allowance
- Allowance for Western Style Accommodation (up to 4000 RMB per month )
- A Work Permit and full visa support ( Z Visa)
- On arrival orientation week
- Ongoing professional support and training
- Free on line TEFL course ( to be completed prior to departure)
- Monthly salary up to 16000 RMB per month dependant on experience and location

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