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    Gizem Mia
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    University Degree
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    4-6 years
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Hello! I m Mia^^ i m from Turkey and i m studying English language and literature at Ankara University! I m in 3rd class now. I m really interested in Chinese language and culture,indeed all asian countries :) i m tryin to learn by myself and briefly, i wanna come there and discover the nature,people,language and everythig as much as i can :) i hope i filled up my profile well and i can find sth for me and my dreams here^^ i m okay for everything which i can do: volunteering,part time or full time teaching,tourism,hospitality,food...etc My experiences in general: -English teacher for kids -Waiter,hostess in USA(by wat programme) -Guest relations,room service in 2 hotels in Turkey(one of them was Mandarin Oriental Bodrum) My hobbies: i love dancing(modern dance), i draw when i feel bad :) and i love watching horror,thriller movies,and i m a coffee addict :D