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EduChina International Group is China’s famous operation and management service platform for “International High School” and “International Year One” programs, providing high-quality international courses, international faculty and international talent training programs to Chinese students. It commits itself to cultivating talents that are “global citizens with Chinese soul” and helping students to realize their dreams in world-class universities.

EduChina International Group has established 16 course centers in various regions of the country, including North China, Middle China, South China, East China, Southwest China and Northwest China, from where thousands of Chinese students have been admitted to world-class universities. Over the past 7 years, we have maintained a record rate of 100% university or college admissions and 100% visa pass rate.

As one of CAIE’s associates, EduChina International Group is able to promote Cambridge programs and qualifications to suitable schools. EduChina International Group is also the exclusive or VIP partner of American Honors, University of California Irvine, and some renowned public schools of the USA. EduChina International Group offers a rich selection of curriculum including IB, A Level, AP, GAC and American High School courses which will benefit students with various needs.

EduChina International Group adheres to the concepts of “providing educational programs with conscience and cultivating life with true love” and “Being rooted in China with the whole world in view”. It endeavors to provide fair, diversified and transparent international education programs to Chinese families and students regardless of restrictions on registered permanent residence, enrollment status and economics conditions, so that more families and students are entitled to excellent world-class education and fulfill their longing for better education.

Our obligation is to elevate each student’s life, to grow together with our staff and students’ parents, and to work hard towards the continuous progress of the whole society.