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Professional Experience
Time Period : 2018/09 - 2018/10
Job Title : Primary School Teacher (Replacement)
Company Name : SJKC Keng Koon
Work Experience:
-Preparing daily and long-term lesson plans according to curriculum guidelines.
-Teaching a full range of subject areas.
-Developing children’s interests, abilities and coordination using a variety of creative activities including art, sport and music.
-Maintaining productive working habits and discipline in the classroom.
-Assessing and evaluating students’ educational progress and abilities.
-Setting and conducting testing.
-Organising, attending and supervising school activities.
Time Period : 2018/05 - 2018/08
Job Title : High School Chemistry Teacher
Company Name : SMK Engku Husain
Work Experience:
• Prepare lesson plan daily and monitor extracurricular activities.
• Adapt teaching methods and instructional materials to meet students' varying needs.
• Attending staff meetings and training and development sessions.
• Organising, attending and supervising school activities such as excursions, school concerts, camps and sporting events.
Time Period : 2016/07 - 2016/08
Job Title : Day Care Teacher (Semester Break Part-Time)
Company Name : Siswa Murni Tuition Centre
Work Experience:
• Follow a full schedule of activities and provide basic care and tutoring.
• Evaluate children's performance and make sure they are on the right learning track