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EduChina’s program is rooted in the concept of “Better Education, Better World.” As such, we offer a comprehensive international educational experience that emphasizes fairness, transparency, high quality and equal access for all Chinese students to enjoy. Our goal is to offer a school program that is attainable to a wide cross-section of families without the restrictions of household registration, school status, economic resources or other factors that can be limiting within the traditional Chinese educational system. In doing so, we prepare students to experience world-class overseas education of the highest quality so that they can grow as individuals, adapt to future challenges, and help forge the way for the betterment of China’s future in the world.
EduChina International Group is a well-established international education project and management platform. It offers quality courses for Chinese students within an innovative and rigorous international high school curriculum, and provides training programs and talent searches for top international teachers. EduChina International Group is committed to preparing its students for overseas study at world- class colleges and universities to assist them in developing into “world citizens who retain their Chinese soul.”
Since its founding, EduChina International Group has opened 16 campuses throughout China, distributed in provinces in the North, Central, South, East, Southwest and Northwest regions of the country. It has successfully sent thousands of graduates to world-renowned colleges and universities outside of China. Over the past 8 years, it has maintained an enrollment success and visa approval rate of over 99%.
Alongside its school programs within China, EduChina International Group has also forged numerous strategic partnership with some of the world’s most respected international education associations. It is partnered with Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE) and is the only top-ranking high school or university program in China authorized to open a Cambridge International Curriculum Center on behalf of CAIE. The curriculum system used by the various EduChina schools includes all of the current mainstream international options (International Baccalaureate (IB), A-Level, Advanced Placement (AP), Global Assessment Certificate (GAC), etc.) that can meet the diverse interests and goals of its students.


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