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Tongzhou Huangdu Baby Kindergarten of Nantong was set up in 2012.From then on,it has been famous for its scientific education concepts,advanced education management,strong teaching staff,modern facilities and equipment and first-rate education service in Jiangsu province.
The international class of Huangdu kindergarten will build up exquisite,all-wave and international growth space.It will construct three-in one course system with language,sports and thinking.The main course gives first place to diglossia,American basketball and logical thinking.The course of diglossia will build up immersive English environment with foreign teacher in the class all-day.American basketball camp cultivates the ability of sports and English.Logical thinking course expands twelve intelligence of children.
The international class will equip teachers on the pattern of "3+1". There are three teachers in each class, including two Chinese teachers, one foreign teacher, who is employed from standard way, and one nursery governess. It will provide children with an international and high-quality service teaching staff with dedication, innovation, highly educated and high-quality.
We believe that high-ending facilities, transparent management, specialized staff, international teaching, scientific diet, various activities and careful service will provide children with a five-star education. It will let children have a happy beginning of their life.

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