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Consultant 8801 : Mily


Skype:chinaexpat8801      Wechat: C13971047570

Consultant 8809 : Ann


Skype:henryesl2009      Wechat: Chinaexpat8809

Consultant 8849 : Judy


Skype:esljob2005      Wechat: chinaexpat8849

Consultant 705 : Bella

Phone:18162532485      Wechat: chinaexpat705

Consultant 8808 : Doris


Skype:chinaexpat8808      Wechat: chinaexpat8808

Consultant 8850 : Claire


Skype:chinaexpat8815      Wechat: chinaexpat8850

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We can be reached at the following international number and email:

Phone: +0086 15997486170


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Wuhan China Expat Human Resources Service Co.,LTD

Office Location:

Room 1908,Building 7,Future Light,Optical Vally Avenue,Wuhan,China

Payment Method

Bank transfer payment

Account bank:中国建设银行股份有限公司武汉光谷自贸区分行 

Account name:武汉亿外智库信息有限公司 

Account:4200 1110 2080 5300 5503 

Alipay payment  

Account name:武汉亿外智库信息有限公司

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