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Foreign English Teacher

Education/Teaching | Full-time | Chongqing | Posted by:QI0122     Aug 20 09:44      share
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Foreign teacher: 

1.Working time: Full time job

There are 2-4 lessons every day, each lesson last for forty minutes. And there will be one lesson on Saturday every two week.There is no lesson on Sunday.

There are winter and summer vacations  every year, about three months.Legal holidays such as National Day are also holidays.

2.Salary is negotiable, and it is similar to the salary of other international schools.

3.Job responsibility:

 Focusing on teaching students oral English,Such as IELTS speaking.Enhancing students’ understanding of foreign cultures.

The students are Senior one students, about 15-16 years old.There are four classes in the International Department.One class is a purely international course with special teachers.The other three classes are domestic courses in China, with IELTS.

4.Working place:A private school.In the urban area of Jiangjin, Chongqing.

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