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Human Resources Virtual Internship

Human Resources | Other | Overseas | Posted by:P.A     Aug 24 18:04      share
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Duration: [3 to 6 months]


HR (Human Resources):

  • Assist with recruitment efforts by identifying potential candidates through Chinese-language platforms and channels.
  • Conduct initial screening and assessments of Chinese-speaking candidates.
  • Support employee onboarding and orientation activities for Chinese-speaking team members.
  • Assist in organizing internal events and employee engagement initiatives with a focus on Chinese-speaking participants.



  • Fluent proficiency in both Chinese and English languages (spoken and written).
  • Currently pursuing or recently completed a degree in any program
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills to effectively interact with Chinese-speaking stakeholders.
  • Highly motivated, detail-oriented, and able to work independently and as part of a virtual team.
  • Passion for learning and adapting to new challenges.


  • Three certificates: One Certificate of Internship and two certificates related to specific training at GAO.
  • Free work placement supervised by GAO’s professional and managerial staff.
  • Free professional training through its various global professional summits (conferences) offered by industry and academic leaders and a graduation project.
  • Virtual and flexible, namely students can work from anywhere in the world with a flexible schedule. 

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