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International School in Chaoyang Beijing is Hiring Homeroom Teacher for Middle/H

Education/Teaching | Full-time | Chaoyang | Posted by:Celine123     Nov 17 10:38      share    Tel:15172359257     Working City:Chaoyang   Hits:

If you are...

1. Holding a bachelor degree or above

2. Native English speakers with TESOL/TEFL

3. Having related teaching experience over four years


And you are willing to...

1. Be a homeroom teacher in middle/high school department

2. Teach Grade 7 US English Literature, and Grade 12 US Government

3. Teach no more than 25 classes per week* 45 min per class

4. Work from 8am to 5pm with one hour noon break

5. Attend to this new position Feb., 2024


Youll get...

1. Salary 29.919k per month after tax

2. Weekends off during each semester

3. Half-paid summer and winter holidays for 1st year contract

4. Fully paid summer and winter holidays after contract renewal

5. Winter holiday one month+ summer holiday 7 weeks

6. 12k Annual Bonus after one year contract fulfillment

7. 30% discount for the dependant tuition fee

8. Z Visa, Insurance


Please kindly send your resume and short self-intro video to Celine.

Thanks a lot!

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