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Image Name Nationality Location Expected Salary Login Date
Iancu258 Other Overseas Negotiable May 10 16:00
Hernandez88 Spain Overseas Negotiable May 12 14:58
Ndaba1999 South Africa Overseas 15000-20000RMB May 24 17:16
Lozada Philippines Overseas Negotiable Apr 19 16:45
Feidias Greece Overseas Negotiable Apr 12 10:15
Darsoo Other Overseas More than 20000RMB Mar 14 14:14
DavidPak United States Overseas More than 20000RMB Mar 13 16:32
EILEEN258 South Africa Xiamen Negotiable May 27 14:26
Suljic Other Overseas Negotiable Feb 01 09:00
Joksimovic Other Overseas 15000-20000RMB Mar 15 14:51
Gardocki88 Poland Overseas 15000-20000RMB Nov 15 14:10
LIKE2RIDE Argentina Overseas 15000-20000RMB Nov 15 18:08
Maki Other Overseas 12000-15000RMB Nov 15 16:17
Nthabeleng South Africa Overseas 15000-20000RMB Nov 14 17:46
UlAin Pakistan Overseas 15000-20000RMB Nov 14 17:45
Berke United States Overseas Negotiable Nov 05 15:00
zarasha1985 India Overseas 15000-20000RMB Nov 03 15:21
Kunica Argentina Overseas Negotiable Nov 01 15:38
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