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DataOcean AI (stock code: 688787), founded in 2005, is one of the earliest AI training data solution providers in China.
As the first listed enterprise in AI training data domestically, DataOcean AI is committed to providing AI datasets and services for AI enterprises and R&D institutions.
DataOcean AI provides multilingual, cross-domain, multimodal AI datasets and related data services for all enterprises in the industry. Services covers core domains like smart voice (voice recognition, voice synthesis, etc.), computer vision, and natural language, covering about 200 main languages and dialects around the world.
The company has been actively involved in the industry for nearly two decades and has developed close to 700 deep partnerships with leading IT companies, academic institutions, and emerging AI enterprises. It has delivered thousands of customized projects successfully and gained the deep trust of customers by focusing on competent, dependable, and safe data services. The company’s superior resources which cover 190+ languages and dialects in more than 70 countries, as well as its technologically leading algorithm R&D team and well-experienced project teams, are valuable assets of the company that contribute to the overall successful implementation of frontier AI projects around the world.

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